BILLION Overview film

Billion: Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

  • Pioneer Injection moulding Machinery company, started 1961, in.
  • All electric to 40-600T, Select.
  • Hercules super fast machine hydraulic & hybrid 200-320T.
  • Hydraulic and hybrid machine to 600-1100T GM series.
  • Specialised turnkey machines, with mold and robots.
  • Robots integrated into the IMM control.
  • Impressive high IMM control, more than many major suppliers.
  • Complete production cells, In-mould assembly.
  • Special options Eastpak, easy fill, easy purge, easy-flow (special low-stress filling, save cycle time and improved surface finish).
  • Easy connect to the IOT
  • BILLION invented co-injection and offer all forms of co-injection, and up to 6 materials.
  • Website: www/
  • Video Channel:

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