Automation is the process of mechanising a process with a form of automatic control.Sometimes processes are enhanced with further assistance given to people to make a process semi-automatic.

Profile Solutions has been in a lot of automation and made machinery besides leak testers,plus many of our principals
Profile Solutions has been involved with

  • Palletising use 6 axis robots and Sepro for palletising of bottles from a multiple machine.
  • Bung insertion machines for putting bungs/plugs into 15-30L chemical containers. 2 axis systems for single containers and 4 axis systems that deal with multiple container shapes.
  • Cooling tables
  • Multi-axis system dispensing and placement systems for disposable dust caps.
  • ASB robotic take-outs.

Productive Systems

    • Wadding/cap lining machines
    • 2–3-part assembly machines for caps and items like salt and pepper grinders
    • Bin part index storage systems for injection moulding.
    • Trimmers.
    • Unscramblers for caps and other products


Productive Systems – High speed bagging machines, Palletising, Airveyor and lots of other bits.

  • High speed bagging machines for plastic bottles.
  • High Speed Palletising machines.

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  • Profile Solutions made by us, world leading technology , exported to 37 countries since 1993.
  • Up to 18000 tests per hour on 1 head on very small bottles achieved.

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