Blue Air Systems

Blue Air: Austria Mould Space Dehumidifiers

Blue Air – Dehumidifiers and Super cooled blowing air.

  • DMS world leading energy efficient mould space dehumidifiers using less than <20% of the energy of Desiccant driers, recycle the dried air. For 1-2 machines.
  • NEW DMS STERILE, for Germ-free and virus-free mould dehumidification with DMSterile for aseptic production.
  • MSP larger scaling dehumidifiers that can handle more machine at once than a DMS supercooled energy system and very large machines.
  • CAC super cooled blowing air system increase blow moulding output from 15-62%. -35C dew point air, 120-54 Nm3/h.
  • BMB blow moulding booster, economical from a CAC, cost effective for many smaller machines and bottles. In some cases up to 25%.
  • RDX, RDX and RDM compressed air dryers for plastic materials. RDM for micro systems, RDX for medium rates and the RDM modular system for maximum flexibility. Constant low dew point, energy saving, low maintenance.
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